I am clinical psychologist and has a master's degree from the University of Indianapolis focusing on Clinical and Work-/Organisationalspsycology and Health Psychology (relationship between body and psyche - including stress). Specialist training in cognitive psychotherapy & Coaching, EMDR and Hypnotherapy. Former bachelor's degree in psychology from the university as well as a trained nurse. 

Previously many years of working in hospitals and industry - partly as intensive care and emergency nurse, partly years of career in the pharmaceutical industry (broad pharmacologic education and knowledge) and more than 2 years as external HR consultant for private and public companies. Broad experience including crisis and grief work, leadership and employee development, building the partnerships and project development in multidisciplinary environments.

Have as a psychologist working with children, young people (particularly in PPR Nations) and adults at both individual, group and organization level - be it with therapy, coaching, counselling, consultative approach, teaching and supervision. Broad experience of working procedures in the public and private crisscross of organizations and used to working-development at all levels.

• I always adjust my work as an individual standpoint and needs.

• I am passionate about making a difference for the individual and create constructive development processes

• I have good experience with short, targeted and focused program.


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